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Open access before Plan S

April 28 2015Max-Planck-GesellschaftWhite Paper of the Max Planck Digital Library
August 232017ScienceA bold open-access push in Germany could change the future of academic publishing
September 52017Leo WaaijersWat kost een publicatie?
March 12 2018VSNUGeen overeenkomst met de Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing
June 28 2018Frontiers Science NewsPriority actions for Open Science – center stage at ESOF 2018
July 13 2018Frans van HeestRobert-Jan Smits bespeurt veel hypocrisie bij open access

Links to online discussion on open access and Plan S

September 4 2018(Robert-Jan Smits)Plan S: 10 principles
September 112018Leonid SchneiderResponse to Plan S from Academic Researchers: Unethical, Too Risky!
September 172018ScienceGuideRobert-Jan Smits wordt voorzitter van TU Eindhoven
October 22 2018Leonid SchneiderRobert-Jan Smits: scholarly societies “will have to bite the bullet and go Open Access"
November 2018Lynn Kamerlin et al.Reaction of researchers to Plan S; Too far, too risky? (with many signatures)
November 9 2018Svein StølenCare before speed
November 12 2018EU-LIFESupport to Open Access and 10 key recommendations
November 12 2018Gerard MeijerWetenschap moet niet betalen voor dure CEO's van uitgevers
November 13 2018Leonid SchneiderDid Frontiers help Robert-Jan Smits design Plan S?
November 16 2018Martijn Katan Gratis bestaat niet, ook niet in open access

Open access done right

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