Theoretical Chemistry group, Institute for Molecules and Materials, Radboud University Nijmegen


October 132016Boy Lankhaar wins 1st prize KNCV Golden Master
September 192016PhD graduation Dr. Eduardo Penteado
April2016Physical Review Letters: OH electric and magnetic dipole moment
March 32016PhD graduation Dr. Lei Song
November2015Science: He+NO resonances
May 122015PhD graduation Dr. leendertjan Karssemijer
March2015Nature Chemistry: He+CO resonances
December2014Physical Review Letters: Ne/Ar+NO diffraction oscillations
September2014Nature Chemistry: Azide-alkyne cycloaddition
July2014The ESM and theoretical chemistry groups merge
March2014Liesbeth Janssen wins NTvN prize
February2014Nature Chemistry: He/Ne+NO
November2013Chemical Reviews: Kinetic Monte Carlo
June 132013PhD graduation Dr. Dennis L. A. G. Grimminck
April2013Angewandte Chemie: Benzene dimer
February2013Physical Review Letters: ultracold NH+NH
June2012Summerschool: Chemistry and Infrared Spectroscopy of Interstellar Dust
November2012Science: OH+NO
December2012Prof. dr. Matthias Bickelhaupt special appointment Professor of Theoretical Organic Chemistry
April 252012PhD graduation Dr. Liesbeth M. C. Janssen
April2012Prof. dr. ir. Gerrit C. Groenenboom: appointed Professor of Theoretical Chemistry
November2010Dr. Herma Cuppen: VIDI Grant "Kinetics in Soft Molecular Layers"
October2010Dr. Herma Cuppen: ERC Starting Grant "Kinetics in Soft Molecular Layers"

The group (April 2012)

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